Epoxy Floor Covering


Why Is Epoxy Floor Covering Preferred

High Durability

Epoxy floor coating application is the most preferred industrial product in recent years. Epoxy is actually a special material consisting of resin and hardener and gets a hard and smooth structure as a result of a chemical reaction. When it dries and hardens, it forms a solid film layer and shows liquid impermeability and insulation properties. Since it is a high-strength material, it is safely applied in areas with high pedestrian traffic or used by vehicles and can protect its quality for many years without disturbing it. Since it has a high consistency adhesion property with the ground, it can also be safely preferred on surfaces with a small particle structure that is prone to wear.

Fast Application and Result

Epoxy can be applied very quickly due to the fact that it is a material that can be easily applied like paint and can cover the entire surface quickly. In general, the biggest problem of floor covering materials is that they require long-term labor and the difficulty of working in areas that are difficult to apply due to their geometric shapes. However, since epoxy is a liquid material that can spread by itself, the coastal corner spreads quickly to the entire surface and forms a surface coating in one piece.

Places that Require Antistatic Properties

An example of a matte epoxy application with antistatic properties

It is necessary to take measures against static electrification in some factories and facilities. Especially personnel walking on surfaces covered with pvc-like materials can easily be exposed to static electric charge. However, when requested, we can produce customized solutions for your needs with antistatic epoxy application. In this way, you will ensure both job security and visual and comfort without compromising.

Antibacterial Structure

Especially in the facilities engaged in food production and storage, it is undoubtedly necessary to be careful about hygiene the most. However, in order for this to be established, it is necessary that there is no environment suitable for bacteria and micro-organisms to reproduce and live Decently among the material. Before making epoxy floor coating, our company performs floor moisture measurements. As a result of the applications made on a non-humid environment, there is no question of any kind of fungal and bacterial reproduction. In addition, mold and similar conditions do not appear in the places where epoxy coating is applied. Detailed information about the application of epoxy in industrial kitchens and similar manufacturing facilities you can reach from this article.

single parça epoxy coatingsı

Coating on a Monolithic Structure

All floor covering materials are applied by joining the parts and joining the additional parts with lam October or grouting. However, epoxy is by its nature an seamless and one-piece coating. Due to its seamless structure, you can have a floor with a whole and shiny appearance. In addition, you will not experience problems such as wear of additional parts, playing and October wear of the material over time. As a result of abrasions on the additional parts, you will not experience problems such as the accommodation of October pests and bacteria in these parts, liquid or water leakage. In this way, you can easily clean your floors and apply all kinds of non-corrosive chemicals.

Compliance with ISO Standards

Epoxy It is a material that complies with ISO-14001 environmental standards. For this reason, it provides the necessary procedures for occupational health and safety.

Application in the Desired Colors

For epoxy floor coating, you have an almost unlimited choice of colors and arrows. In this way, you can apply designs suitable for your space design or occupational safety. Even if you want a custom logo or you can get amazing places by making three-dimensional printing.


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