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3D Epoxy Floor Coating Application

3D Epoxy Floor Coating

3D epoxy floor coating application is prepared by applying transparent resin epoxy and surface hardener composition on 3D digital printing material laid on the floor. In this way, a 3D visual with vivid colors is obtained on the floor of the space. You can achieve designs worthy of the twenty-first century with 3D epoxy coating. This is a method used both in creating a brand image and in the design of super luxury spaces.

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Istanbul 3D Epoxy Application Water Turtle

What is the Lifespan of 3D Epoxy?

Epoxy is a very durable material, so the hardened epoxy layer forms a thin film layer on the surface where you apply epoxy. This film layer can only be broken by hammer blows and can be preserved intact for years with normal pedestrian traffic. For this reason, it can be said that 3d epoxy floor covering is a material that is many times more durable than all floor coverings, including concrete.

In Which Places 3D Epoxy is Used

It is very difficult to give a clear answer on this subject because epoxy work adds an incredible aesthetic to every space in professional hands. However, in order to give an idea, 3D epoxy flooring can be safely preferred in bathrooms, houses, manufacturing workshops, offices, homes and all living spaces.

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Istanbul Eyüp 3D Epoxy Floor Application Three Leaf Clover

Is Epoxy Coating Harmful to Health?

No harm to health has yet been detected in epoxy material. Since it does not contain solvents, it is a material resistant to combustion and can be used comfortably in any environment. As with other epoxy floor coverings, 3D coating also shows extremely high resistance to all kinds of oils, liquids, acids and abrasives.

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Istanbul Bathroom 3D Epoxy Floor Coating Water Hallucination

3 Boyutlu Epoksi Zemin Kaplama Fiyatları

Compared to normal matt applications, transparent epoxy coating is a bit expensive. However, when compared to the incredible appearance you will get, you will see that it is more than worth all the price you pay. It is possible to give a general m2 price for epoxy, but since the width and condition of the area to be used in transparent epoxy coating and the materials to be used in the coating should be explored on site, please fill out our free discovery form so that we can give a clear price. We claim that we are the best among the companies that make epoxy floors in Istanbul 3D Epoxy Floor Coating. The price of three-dimensional epoxy floor covering starts from 25 € per m2 excluding digital printing. Please do not make a decision without seeing our prices.

How long does it take to prepare?

Our company determines the orders you will place in Istanbul on site and notifies you in writing on the same day with pricing and time information. In this way, your venue will be delivered to you as ready as soon as we promise. The places we have prepared are guaranteed by us for one year.

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Water Hallucination Istanbul Fatih Epoxy Floor Application

Mermer Görünümlü Alternatif

Another alternative to three-dimensional epoxy floor coating is marble-like epoxy floor coating, where the most professional applications are made by our company in our country. Marble-look epoxy floor coating offers an aesthetic appearance at least as much as three-dimensional epoxy floor coating, while curing can be done on the same day at a much lower cost. For marble patterned epoxy floor coating, a sense of depth is given with metallic epoxy coating without a digital printing application on the floor.

Click here to see our marble patterned epoxy work.

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