Helicopter Concrete Application


What is the Application of Helicopter Concrete

Helicopter concrete application ; It is a cement-based, high-quality additive quartz aggregate containing powdered, colored, polymer modified hardening application applied to fresh concrete surfaces. It is usually used to produce wear-resistant materials on floors with high traffic on large surface areas.

burnished by helicopter
Polishing is done after curing with a helicopter machine

Where is the Helicopter Used in Concrete Application

Helicopter Concrete; It is used as a wear-resistant, dust-proof, economical and decorative floor covering material on all floors, inside and outside. There is a very wide range of usage areas such as vehicle and walking paths, sidewalks, parks, shopping malls.

How to Make Helicopter Concrete Application

Helicopter concrete application should be started when the consistency of Hard Stone concrete can be reached, that is, when there is a footprint in the concrete at a depth of 3-6 mm. At this time, there should be no water on the surface and the surface should be moist. The concrete surface should be opened by polishing the trowel. During the application, 3-5 kg/m2 of Hard Stone is sprinkled on the surface, and when the material is moistened, it is polished with a trowel. Then, without wasting time, the mold is sprinkled on the separator surface and the printing process is started with molds. after 1-2 days, the surface is washed with pressurized water until the desired effect is achieved. The application is completed by applying Sealer as a protector.

The Area where Helicopter Concrete Application Was Made

Helicopter Concrete Qualities

– Aesthetic, colorful and decorative
– Easy, fast and economical floor covering system
– Much higher abrasion and impact resistance than normal concrete surfaces
– Quite low water and oil absorption and chemical resistance compared to normal concrete surfaces
– Easy cleaning, dirt retention and constant glare with protective polish
– Excellent adhesion to the lower concrete thanks to high quality portland cement modified with additives and grain size adjusted aggregate
– Crack-free surface texture

Helicopter Concrete Application Efficiency

– It can be applied with a yield of 1,600 g/m2 for every 1 mm thickness.
– 3-5 kg/m2 can be used according to the wear and impact on the surface.
– At least 3 kg/m2 should be used for the concrete color, at least 5 kg/m2 for light gray and yellow, at least 4 kg/m2 for other colors.

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