Wet Floor Coating Prices

Before researching wet floor covering prices,it is useful to review the most effective and economical solutions you can use in the places you need. While ceramic coating is generally preferred on wet floors in homes and workplaces, today the alternatives are much more. Among these alternatives, the choice of material with the longest life and no water attitude will prevent any potential problems you will have in the future.

Types of Wet Floor Coverings

The most important thing to pay attention to on wet floors is probably to choose a low water attitude and sealed material. Types of wet flooring used today;

  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • PVC(Vinyl) Coating
  • Laminate
  • It can be counted as Epoxy Coating.

Epoxy Application on Wet Floors

Epoxy flooring is popularly known as floor paint. Although it is often used especially in large spaces and in areas such as factories and car parks, epoxy floor covering is not known in residential buildings. But it would not be wrong to say that it is the most ambitious floor covering material in this area. Epoxy is a material with 60% more water strength and 55% less water attitude than ceramic floor covering. Thanks to these properties, the attitude of all kinds of cleaners, chemicals and oils and dirt and dust becomes completely impossible.

Marble looking bathroom WC flooring
Wet Floor Covering Epoxy Application

Wet Floor Covering Epoxy Prices

Although epoxy is a slightly more costly coating type than ceramic coatings, our company has been serving and exporting epoxy materials for many years with its specialized staff especially in this field in Istanbul location. That's why we promise to provide the most economical solutions you can find on the market.

Epoxy bathroom floor covering prices 10 €

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