Self Level Epoxy Floor Application

Self Level Epoxy Floor Application

Self-level epoxy floor application is the name given to a coating material that can take levels by spreading on its own. Epoxy is one of the most preferred floor coverings and is especially applied in places where smooth and liquid accumulation is not desired.

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Self Floor Epoxy Applied Ankara Ostim Factory


It is applied in hospitals, car parks, playgrounds, factories, factories, food processing facilities, meat production facilities and all the wide areas you can think of.

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Izmir Self Level Epoxy Applied Hospital Waiting Area

Self Level Epoxy Application Stages

1. Preparation of The Ground Surface

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First of all, the surface to be applied epoxy is subjected to balling and sanding process with special machines. This is an important stage for mechanically eroding the surface and for the epoxy material to hold perfectly with the ground. In this way, it is necessary to ensure that all unwanted foreign intermediates such as oil, dirt and paint are scraped from the surface. This is the most important part for a healthy application. Then the primer application is switched.

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The Condition of the Surface is Very Important in Epoxy Floor Application

2. Primer Application Stage

The application of primer on the perfectly prepared surface should be done carefully. Here the application of primer material and quartz sand is carried out. After applying the primer liquid, quartz sand is laid on the surface without drying and left to dry. The drying time after quartz application varies according to the air temperature, this period, which is longer in cold weather, is usually twenty-four hours.

3. Second Layer Application

After the primer stage, the second intermediate layer is applied to the surface. The application of the intermediate coat is created a rough area on the surface with scaled trowel and the quartz epoxy resin coating is spread out in such a way that it constitutes an even and homogeneous range. It is important that the intermediate application is not discarded thicker or thinner than it should be and that the surface is homogeneous.

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Healthy Epoxy Application Is Obtained on The Ground Where Excellent Mechanical Application Is Performed

4. Final Layer Self Leveling Epoxy Coating

In the final stage, epoxy resin applied to quartz sand is spread to the ground and the surface is made ready for use. At this stage, epoxy is applied in the desired color. After the epoxy spreads to the surface, it is necessary to purify the hedgehogs from the bubbles formed with the help of a brush. The next four days are controlled and at the end of seven days it becomes suitable for light pedestrian traffic. When fully hardened, you will have a surface that never deteriorates in high and heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Self Level Epoxy Floor Application m2 Prices

Our company has been specializing in Self Level Epoxy for the last ten years. Especially since 2020, we have started exporting and supplying epoxy materials, we claim that you will get prices that you will not find in the market. In terms of giving an idea, it can be said that the unit prices of m2 are in the framework of 12 -15 €. We recommend that you get free pricing and ground analysis by filling out the discovery form immediately.

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