RAL Color Kaletera

RAL Color Kaletera

What is RAL Color System?

RAL color kaleterasis short for R eichs-A usschuß für L ieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung (National Commission for Conditions of Delivery and Quality Assurance). Specifies the standard color codes for coating and plastic materials according to European standards.

The RAL Kaletera, which consisted of forty colors for the first time in 1927, started to contain 213 colors with the revision made in 1961. RAL colors are defined by four-digit numbers. (such as RAL5012, RAL 9018, RAL 3004)

RAL coding system is used in many fields such as automotive, construction, road signs. Standard RAL Kaletera is presented in the image below with international coloring names. Our company serves in all colors in coding table with international standards. For special applications, please contact the contact form.

DecemberRange NameFirstThe endQuantity
RAL 1xxxYellowRAL 1000 Green BeigeRAL 1037 Sun Yellow40
RAL 2xxxOrangeRAL 2000 Pure OrangeRAL 2013 Pearl Orange14
RAL 3xxxRedRAL 3000 Fire RedRAL 3033 Pearl Pink34
RAL 4xxxPurpleRAL 4001 Red PurpleRAL 4012 Pearl Black Cherry12
RAL 5xxxBlueRAL 5000 Violet BlueRAL 5026 Pearl Midnight Blue25
RAL 6xxxGreenRAL 6000 Patina GreenRAL 6038 Light Green36
RAL 7xxxGrayRAL 7000 Squirrel GreyRAL 7048 Pearl Mouse Grey38
RAL 8xxxBrownRAL 8000 Green BrownRAL 8029 Pearl Copper20
RAL 9xxxWhite/BlackRAL 9001 CreamRAL 9023 Pearl Dark Grey14
RAL Color Standards Catalog Main Block Colors Standard RAL Kaleiter
ral kaleterasi
Ral Color Kaletera

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