Printing Concrete Application

Printing Concrete Application

What is Printing Concrete Where to Use

Printing concrete applicationis the work of making patterns such as locked stone, granite, natural stone coating, mosaic using various molds on the cast concrete. Printing concrete is an extremely durable and useful method preferred on exterior floors.

There are absolutely no problems such as water retention, collapse, crush slippage in the ground prepared with this method. Therefore, you can choose on sidewalks, apartment and site gardens or in a great pathway design leading to your house with a garden.

Color and Pattern in Printing Concrete

Wood Looking Printing Concrete

We all know that ordinary concrete has an unpleasant and cold color. However, special coloring and painting works can be carried out with the colors that participate in the application fee in the application application and special paints that do not fade and wipe afterwards.

Istanbul Basaksehir Mini Park Printing Concrete Application

With this method of application, municipalities can easily carry out pavement works and disabled roads that require intensive labor and repair costs. In addition, the preparation of the printed concrete in the desired incly in a way that prevents water accumulation ensures healthy use in summer and winter. In addition, it is possible to print the corporate logo or writing in the areas prepared by the municipalities.

Since we can apply special markings and patterns in the desired areas as well as its natural appearance, we can easily place the orientation and regular markings for the parking lot of your site on the floor if you want.

Istanbul Kavacik Building Environment Printing Concrete Application

Print Concrete Life

If the printing concrete coating is applied with appropriate mixing rates and quality workmanship, it is a material that lasts as long as natural stone. Due to the fact that UV rays from the sun do not dissolve and do not hold water, there is no easy wear for seasonal reasons. In addition, if there is a decrease in coating color due to heavy vehicle and human traffic, floor painting can be done again.

How to Do Repair Works in Printing Concrete

Printing Concrete Repair Work

The fact that it is monolithic is the biggest feature of printing concrete application. However, sometimes excavations and renovations may be required to pass sewage, communication and electrical cables, natural gas or plumbing from the ground. In this case, it is possible to easily break the desired part of the floor where the printing concrete is applied and repair the relevant pattern in its old appearance after the process is completed. Therefore, there is no problem of renovation in printing concrete applications.

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