Pool Floor Paint

Pool Floor Covering

A wide range of methods are available if you want to get a pool floor covering. However, if you want to cover the pool floor with a material resistant to ultraviolet rays that cause high fragmentation of the sun for many years, we recommend that you examine our application of pool floor epoxy.

High Sealing

It is necessary to apply a high liquid pressure resistant application formed at the base of the pool. Therefore, it is necessary to check the humidity from the ground by performing ground analysis before painting your pool. As the following example shows, epoxy coating is a multilayered structure. Primary epoxy filling and crack repair is performed on the wiped surface, then the final layer forming a transparent high-strength film layer is applied to the last floor after applying epoxy mantle and quartz coating.

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Pool Floor Paint 6
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Epoxy Coating Application Layers Image

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Epoxy floor covering is a type of floor covering that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Epoxy floor covering can be appliedin a wide range of places such as houses, factories, factories, hospitals, sports facilities and hospitals.

Ache-infleability and Ground Analysis

Before epoxy painting is done for the pool, the floor material sealing of the pool should be tested. Then, after it is determined that the high liquid pressure is evenly distributed to the pool floor and water evacuation is determined to be regular, the pool painting process is proceeded. After all the layers are applied, it is checked that the floor is perfectly covered and an equal thickness is formed and the next stage is proceeded. After the final layer is pulled, special lighting equipment checks for fluctuations and brightness distortions on the surface. It should be guaranteed that the pool will be free of water after many years of leaking water and without retaining moss or dirt. Epoxy floor covering is applied much faster and cheaper in pools than ceramic coating methods.

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