Polyurethane Floor Covering

Polyurethane Floor Covering

Polyurethane floor covering is a type of coating that can be applied to all kinds of concrete floors, resistant to vibration, high pedestrian and human traffic, easy to clean, and can be used with mechanical cleaning machines. It does not cause dusting problems in the area where it is applied in the gym or high pedestrian traffic. It has a high liquid-proof properties and high resistance to chemicals.

If you wish, single color matte coating can be made or applied in bright colors in unlimited patterns and hues. Click here to view the RAL kaletera on hues.

It is a resistant material that does not yellow in open-air conditions, is resistant to sea water, is resistant to oxidizing effects with high aderans and corrosion effects, so it can be applied in any field.

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Polyurethane floor covering, hospitals, gyms, indoor and outdoor car parks, entertainment venues, workplaces and residences can be used in all kinds of large areas with offices and recreation areas. It can also be safely preferred in industrial facilities, factories and workshops and industrial kitchens. Thanks to its ability not to be easily deformed by hard-tipped items, it can be used safely for many years.

It is monolithic and does not play at the end of the flooring, it is durable to 90 and -30 Degrees Celsius. It does not dust and does not accumulate dust, there is no dirt and liquid attitude. Since it is an antibacterial material, it is ideal for sanitary enterprises.

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