Matte Concrete Looking Epoxy Floor

Both concrete and Epoxy!

The epoxy floor covering with matte concrete appearance emphasizes naturalness with its simple appearance and includes all the advantages of epoxy coating systems.

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Own Spanking Screed Application

Epoxy systems, which are among the popular coating systems of recent years, are adding new applications every day.

In terms of application, it differs from standard epoxy coatings in a few points.

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Epoxy Ladder with Matte Concrete appearance

For the first of this system, which can be applied in two different methods, the self-emitting screed applied to the ground is used. After drying, the concrete image on the floor is fixed by applying primer and transparent epoxy.

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In the second application, the colors in the concrete tones selected from the ral cartel are mixed and optional concrete color tones are obtained. Then there's the standard epoxy…

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Epoxy Concrete Preparation
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Natural Concrete Looking Epoxy Application

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