Industrial Orange Peel Textured Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Orange Peel Textured Epoxy Flooring Application

Industrial Orange Peel Textured Epoxy Flooring is a semi-matte ground covering type with two elements. It can be applied directly on the concrete floor. It is not flammable because it does not contain solvents and is used safely in fire hazards, providing high resistance, especially in environments with heavy machinery and loads. It manifests itself as a useful type of coating that can be used safely for shipyards, warehouses, factories, warehouses and similar facilities. In order to perform this application, the ground strength must be a minimum of 25 Newton/mm2.

Due to its structure, which increases friction force, it prevents people and machines from slipping. In this way, it comes across as a risk-preventing material in terms of occupational health and safety. The prices of this coating, which is also known in the sector as monofunction epoxy, are quite economical compared to other applications.

Uses and Features

This material, which can be applied in many large places such as car parks, shopping malls, shipyards, factories and factories, is an application with a rough non-porous structure. Just as the mini-wavy structure on the orange surface prevents slippage, it does not hold dirt due to unsymapped lines and is easily cleaned. Chemicals without all kinds of oil, water, oil interactions do not affect this coating and have a high resistance to human and vehicle traffic. Since it does not contain solvents, it manifests itself as a non-combustible material and is extremely safe against fire risks.

Industrial Orange Peel Textured Epoxy Flooring Prices

As with all other construction works, epoxy floor coverings are offered at very different prices in proportion to the quality of the service offered. As EZ Construction, we are committed to providing the most permanent and high quality work for you at the most affordable price due to our ten years of experience and experience in all branches of the sector. Click here to get a quote from our company and to get on-site exploration service in Istanbul on the same day.

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