Hotel Floor Covering

Hotel floor covering is usually the basis of hotels; it varies as cladding made in lobby, hallway and rooms. Carpet covering is mostly preferred in the rooms. However, when it comes to corridors, lobbies, restaurants and terraces, much more decorative and durable solutions emerge.

Decorative Floor Covering

Especially recently, with digital printing techniques and special drawing methods, it was possible to make the patterns applied to the ground extremely permanent with epoxy floor covering. Our company can produce places that you have never seen before and that will impress your customers in the areas where it applies these methods.

There are so many colors and options in this regard that we can choose and apply solid matte colors from Ral Kaletera if you wish, 3D patterns or marble patterned epoxy application, which is very popular recently. Apart from all this, the only application in Turkey, illinois epoxy pattern can be applied.

Otel Lobisi Epoksi Zemin4
Hotel Lobby Floor covering Epoxy

Easy Cleaning Always Bright Floors

Since epoxy floor covering does not form a porous or rough surface like other materials, you will always have a floor covering that is as bright as glass, does not fade and retains its grandeur. In addition, this floor is never passing liquids and can be easily washed, and its liquid attitude is much lower than that of all other materials. If you want places that look amazing in terms of color, our advice would be to try our illustration studies.

Ilustrasyon Epoksi Zemin
Illustration Epoxy Floor Drawing Application
ucretsiz teklif mini

Quick Application Perfect Result

Contrary to popular belief, epoxy floor covering is appliedmuch faster than other mosaic mounted systems, it is an economical solution and can be made available quickly. The three-stage application with quartz blasting for metallic-looking areas hardens completely within a maximum of five days, creating a monolithic coating on the entire surface. This surface is so solid that it's impossible to even walk around with a tracked dozer. With epoxy, you will have zero defects, rock solid and sparkling spaces.

Otel Epoksi Zemin
Hotel Floor Covering 5

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