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Epoxy Floor Covering

EZ Construction offers free exploration and pricing on the same day all over Istanbul with its professional staff in epoxy floor covering systems. If you wish, you can try quality craftsmanship and excellent pricing by requesting an online offer immediately.

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Matte Concrete Epoxy Coating
Parking Epoxy Floor
Self Level Epoxy
Marble Patterned Epoxy
Orange Peel
3D Epoxy Floor Covering
3D Epoxy Floor
Terazzo Coating
Antistatic Epoxy

Ground Work

We offer epoxy floor coverings, printing concrete and industrial screed applications with free on-site exploration and pricing benefits on the same day. Contact us immediately for free floor analysis and price study

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Free Ground Analysis

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy is a resin-based floor paint that hardens as a result of liquid application and spreads as a film layer on the ground and can be applied in indoor and outdoor environments that show high resistance to all liquids, chemical astringents and oils.

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