Epoxy Floor Covering in Food Processing Plants

Epoxy floor covering, whose usage areas have developed rapidly in recent years, is also preferred especially in the floor covering of food processing plants. Although epoxy is a chemical-based type of dye, it is known to have no carcinogenic effect or volatile, fibrosis structure. Therefore, it can be safely preferred especially in facilities where food is stored and food is processed.

Which Food Enterprises May Prefer Epoxy Floor Covering?

Epoxy floor covering can be safely preferred in the floor covering of all kinds of restaurants, food factories, bakeries, food packaging organizations, catering companies and similar institutions that process food.

yemek firmasi
Hygiene in food production facilities

Epoxy Floor Covering Does Not Contain Pests

As is known, spraying methods are preferred to protect against pests in many enterprises. Especially in traditional concrete coatings and ceramic coated surfaces, over time, small pests nest between the cracks, creating a breeding and habitat for themselves here. It can be quite difficult to get rid of these pests by performing superficial sprayings. However, surfaces with epoxy floor covering do not create solid and cracks in which pests can shelter. This allows your business to produce free from pests.

epoksi mutfak
Kitchen with epoxy coating applied

Epoxy Floor Easy to Clean

Epoxy floor covering can be easily washed. Chemical cleaners do not disturbthe structure of epoxynin. In addition, epoxy, which allows the water on it to evaporate quickly, is a material that does not attract water. Therefore, you can choose to have epoxy floor covering on your floors, which are washed frequently or cleaned with mats.

Epoxy Floor is Antibacterial

Epoxy coated surfaces can also be safely preferred as antibacterial floors. Epoxy is an antibacterial material by nature and can be preferred in all kinds of food and beverage manufacturing areas as a material that provides safety against bacteria in this area.

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