Floor Paint

Floor paint adds an aesthetic appearance to your spaces just like paints applied on the walls. Epoxy floor covering, popularly known as floor paint, is a resin-based adhesive material that serves to create aesthetic and durable surfaces in all kinds of living spaces.

Epoxyhas been used as an insulation material especially in the maritime sector for many years. However, although it is used in the exteriors and engine units of ships, it is very preferred in the deck parts. Years later, it was started to be used in the construction sector to prevent metal components from rusting and corrosion from water, but it was finally discovered to be a great floor covering material.

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Floor Paint Epoxy Applied Area

Which Places Paint in Which Places

If you have a large space and a flooring that will be exposed to high pedestrian and human traffic, our first advice for you would be to use epoxy floor paint. In this way, you can have a floor that can be used as on the first day without being worn for years with the surface protection to be applied on the surface prepared in the color and pattern you want.

one piece epoxy coating
Coating with Antistatic Color Epoxy Floor Paint

The places where you use epoxy floor paint have high hygiene,dirt and liquid attitude never occurs,materials such as all kinds of chemical oils, a corrosive cleaners and lacquer oils do not penetrate the floor. It is suitable for use for high dust-free areas as it does not dust it can be easily cleaned. In addition, with its antistatic application feature, antistatic closure can be applied safely in the areas where it is necessary to do so.

With these features, we recommend using epoxy floor paintin all houses, wet floors, repair shops, hotels, hospitals, gyms, parking lots, industrial facilities, industrial kitchens and more indoors and outdoors than you can count.

Since 2018, our company has been providing epoxy floor covering services in Istanbul province and exporting these products. You can benefit from free exploration and pricing on the same day by clicking the button below.

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