Epoxy Home Floor Covering

Epoxy Home Floor Covering

If you want to have epoxy house floor covering and you are doing price research on this subject, you first need to decide what kind of cladding to make. Epoxy floor covering, which is applied in all indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used smoothly for years, is also applied in residential buildings and remains without losing its properties for years.

Metalik ev zemin doseme epoksi istanbul 1
Metallic Marble Home Flooring Epoxy Coating
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Application in All Areas of the House

If you have decided to use epoxy as home flooring, it is possible to make applications in all living and usage areas of your home. If you want, epoxy floor covering can be applied in your bathroom, living room or an area of your home used as a warehouse or for your garage.

Kahverengi Metalik Mutfak Ev Zemin Doseme Epoksi 1
Brown Metallic Kitchen Flooring Epoxy

Especially with the applications we make on wet floors, we get a water-resistant ground that is extremely resistant to scratches and wear.

Metalik Epoksi Ev Zemin Dosemesi
Metallic Epoxy Flooring Room Application

Lasting From Other Floor Tiles

In houses, ceramic coating is usually made on wet floors and laminate coating is made in other areas. However, we have to say that these solutions are outdated. Because we should no longer use a material with very low liquid strength and high flammability, such as laminate flooring, in our dwellings. Epoxy floor covering is a non-comcogable material as it does not contain solvents.

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3D Transparent Epoxy Home Flooring

We also all know how easily your furniture can draw laminate flooring. However, when the epoxy floor covering is applied with surface hardener, it will not be possible to draw even with a pointed blade. In this way, you can place all your belongings without problems and move them on the floor without fear.

In addition, as seen in the photo above, it is possible to add a more beautiful look to your home than anyone has ever seen with transparent epoxy application. We guarantee that your guests will love this floor covering and will not be able to take their eyes off it. Moreover, we would like to point out that even by hitting furniture feet with a hammer, you can not damage this material and it never turns yellow and fades.

Kahverengi metalik epoksi ev zemin dosemesi 1
Metallic Brown House Sure Upholstery Bright Epoxy

Home Epoxy Floor Covering Prices

Epoxy floor covering prices for your home vary according to the type of surface applied, the width of the area, the type of epoxy coating to be applied and the materials used. For example, epoxy floor covering with matte concrete appearance can be applied with prices such as 10 euros, while the prices of cheffar and 3D epoxy coating can be up to 50-60 euros. In this sense, there is no doubt that by requesting free discovery, demo and pricing from our company, we will offer you the best result you want with the most affordable prices.

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