Cheapest Flooring 6 Options

Cheapest Flooring

Selection of Flooring Types

If you're looking for flooring for your new building or rented property, your priority should be the cheapest flooringto meet your needs more than the cheapest flooring. Not every cheap solution may cater to your needs.

When it comes to flooring, you get a lot of options. Some of these are;

  • Epoxy floor covering
  • Ceramic, tile floor covering
  • Rubber material floor covering
  • PVC floor covering
  • Laminate parquet floor covering
  • 3D epoxy floor covering

Epoxy Floor Covering

You can find detailed information about epoxy floor coverings on this page.

Linoleum Floor Covering

Cheapest Flooring Option Linoleum Floor Covering

If you are looking for a temporary solution and are going to apply in a place without high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, the most economical solution may be tarp floor covering. The tarp can be used on the floor covering using adhesive material or by laying directly on the floor without using glue.

But if you live in a particularly high humid city and your heating system is not good, the linoleum floor may not give any healthy results. Mold will occur under the ground and an unhealthy environment will occur. In 2021, linoleum meter prices vary between 45-85 TL.

Ceramic Floor Covering

Ceramic coating, tile flooring as it is best known among the public, is a preferred solution especially on wet floors. However, apart from the high cost of ceramic coating, it requires high workmanship in application and is a very difficult material to disassemble and replace. Ceramic coating prices vary considerably depending on the quality of the material used and the size of the material. The unit price of the cheapest ceramic material m2 starts from 59 TL/m2. Note that elements such as glue and workmanship will be added to this.

seramik zemin kaplamasi
Ceramic (Tile) Floor Covering

PVC Floor Covering

Polyvinyl chloride floor covering is the method of coloring and using PVC fillers. Its specific weight is around 2 kg/liter. Heat conductivity, fluid absorption and oil absorption are quite low. It is a partially abrasion resistant material and moderately resistant to burning.

PVC Floor Application Office
PVC Floor Application

Laminate Parquet Coating

This natural wooden parquet, whose correct technical name is laminated parquet, is usually produced as two or three layers, is produced as a result of compressing at a 90 degree angle in parallel direction with the fiber extensions located in the layers of the tree. In the lower layers, any low-value trees or plywood are usually used. To emphasize the natural characteristics of the product, the use of natural themes is given priority in surface design. With the innovations brought by today's developing technology, previously used inorganic and petrochemical products have been replaced by natural and sustainable wood.

The wooden top layer (3 mm), the visible surface of three layers of laminated parquet, is made of solid wood and offers users the appearance and feel of real solid parquet. this layer has uv bona polish or uv oil finish in order to increase elasticity and extend the life of the parquet. The medium core area of laminated parquet is produced from fir rods with soft timber or plywood core (9 mm) and ensures that it remains stable in addition to maintaining the shape of the floor. Materials such as plywood and soft timber are often used for the construction of the medium core area in order to reduce the cost of production. The third and final layer, the lower layer (~2 mm) is made of spruce wood, which is more suitable than other materials, and its main purpose is to ensure stabilization. The biggest advantage of the aforementioned multilayered laminated parquet is that it can solve all potential problems that may occur technically thanks to the granual structure of the three-layer structure that goes in different directions.

laminat parke katmanlari kesit
Laminate Parquet Section

3D Floor Covering

We recommend that you review our page on 3D Floor coverings.

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