Decorative Epoxy Floor Covering

Decorative Epoxy Floor Covering

Decorative epoxy floor covering is an eye-catching solution that has the characteristics of all other eopxia applications. The fact that the spaces experienced today are spacious, useful and aesthetic is necessarily the first request of everyone. Ordinary laminate coatings are preferred in many homes and workplaces. But as you know, laminate coatings have a certain range of colors and patterns. In general, laminate parquets with tree texture patterns do not have many texture options. In addition, the biggest problem of laminate parquets is that they are not suitable for use in places with liquid contact and high pedestrian traffic. In addition, it is not possible to use laminate flooring in areas where heavy materials are placed and used by vehicles. In this case, if you want a material that is both visually impressive, adaptable to your spaces and robust, the only thing we can recommend for you will be decorative epoxy floor covering.

Get All Desired Colors

Epoxy is a material that hardens as a result of a chemical reaction with resin and spreads to the ground in a film layer. Therefore, a floor paint analogy will be correct. In this floor paint, it is possible to produce a limited number of different combinations and patterns with imagination. If you wish, apply a marble-patterned floor covering, create different shades that fit your walls, or you can experience the application of incredible three-dimensional digital printing to the floor.

When it comes to your living spaces, just imagine and ask us to create the model that is compatible with your decoration.

Lifetime Permanent Patterns

Epoxy coating has a much, much longer life than its competitors. Heavy pedestrian and traffic areas, wet places and contact of a corrosive chemicals, salts and cleaners and oils do not disturb the epoxy coating. In this way, you can use the floor in the pattern you have without fading, scratching and wear for many years. It is possible to obtain aesthetic-looking floors not only indoors, but also in multipurpose venues such as gyms, conference halls, workshops and garages with decorative epoxy floor covering. You can request free discovery and pricing on the same day in Istanbul by filling out the Heme offer form. Click here.

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