What a Construction Helicopter Does

What Does a Construction Helicopter Do?

Construction helicopter machine (motorized finishing machine) is a motorized tool used for the finishing of the concrete surface. Finishing is the finishing process applied to make the concrete surface smooth and resistant. In addition to the smooth appearance on the surface, it is made to ensure high durability of concrete coating against wear and external influences.

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beton perdahlanmasi
Concrete Finishing Process Wear and Strength Graph

Finishing Stages

The first primer process should be completed before water is collected on the surface by sweating. Excessive undercoat of the surface should be avoided. Otherwise, a poor surface of durability properties is obtained. The second correction creates a relatively flat, slip-resistant surface and is usually the final finishing process. When the final finishing is applied first, the concrete can be applied a second time after partially hardening.

helikopter insaat istanbul
What Does a Construction Helicopter Do – Perdah Application

Some surface hardeners can be applied to the concrete surface where extra wear resistance and durability are required. As a surface hardener, hard minerals of silica, carborondum origin are mostly used.

helikopter ile beton perdah istanbul
Istanbul Concrete Perdah by Helicopter

Cracks may occur if no precautions are taken due to the retouching caused by drying hardened concrete.

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