Bathroom Floor Covering

Bathroom Floor Covering

The first product that comes to mind in our country when it comes to bathroom floor covering is ceramic coating method. However, the developing technology offers more modern and useful solutions in the construction sector as well as in all areas. On wet floors such as baths, undoubtedly the first desired water is to be easily drained from the ground, not to hold dirt and stains and to clean koaly. In this case, we can recommend you to coat the bathroom floor with epoxy.

Marble looking bathroom WC flooring
Istanbul Uskudar Merme Looking Epoxy Bathroom Floor Application

With a special resin-based paint called epoxy, you can provide excellent waterproofing and hygiene on wet floors such as bathrooms. In addition, the areas where we apply this material are non-slip and stain-keeping.

3D Coating

3d epok3
3D Epoxy Floor Covering Applied to Bathroom Floor (representative)

If you wish, you can get a great floor that has not been scratched and faded for years by covering the wallpaper that we have digitally printed on the bathroom floor with its transparent epoxy coating and applying a super solid hard resin film to the surface. If you want to know more about 3D epoxy, you can click here.

en dogal mermer gorunumu epoksi istanbul
Metallic Epoxy Floor in Real Marble View (Applied in Fatih District of Istanbul)

We can also produce floors with real marble appearance and metallic brightness if you wish. In this way, we can ensure that you have a marble-bottomed bathroom like in the palaces. From the image above, a close-up view of the marble pattern is given. You can also click here if you want to get information about our marble-looking epoxy applications.

Real Sealing

Especially the biggest problem of multi-storey buildings is the flow of water from the bathroom of the upper floor. Usually, ceramic (tile) covered bathrooms are cleaned with a corrosive cleaners over time or leak into the building floor or other floors by taking water between them due to workmanship defects. However, because the epoxy floor covering is monolithic and never leaks water, it guarantees you that you will not have this problem. Because epoxy floor covering is used for water sealing even on pool floors when applied well.

If you would like to have epoxy coating on the bathroom floor and get more application information, please contact us.

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