The Floor of Your Spaces Is Like an Art Gallery

Today, thanks to 3D epoxy applications, it is possible to turn the floor of your living spaces into an art gallery. In this way, we carefully apply applications that are limited to your imagination if you want 3D prints. If you want to watch examples of these amazing apps, you can check out the video below.

Where to Apply 3D Epoxy

This type of epoxy obtained by transparent epoxy coating application on digitally printed paper material; can be applied to all kinds of living areas such as bedroom, living room, wet floors, offices. Over time, the colors do not fade and are extremely resilient to heavy human traffic, water and other liquids.

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Application Time

Epoxy application may vary depending on the ground condition, area and desired application type of the space. Our expert team makes on-site discovery and informs you of the most suitable solution, costing and nearest delivery time on the same day. In general, we carry out 3d epoxy applications all over Istanbul in a period that does not last longer than the normal matte epoxy coating.

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